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About Me

As an Art Director based in NYC, I bring 7 years of agency experience to the table. I am passionate about creating high-quality visual content and providing a unique blend of skills in visual communication. My experience includes providing fresh and innovative creative concepts and designs, building mood boards, working with talent and photographers, creating social media content, and running OOH campaigns. I have a strong background in social media marketing and strategy, allowing me to deliver results-driven visual content.

I have directed successful photo and video shoots for clients such as the New York Aquarium, Bronx Zoo, Hippeas, and Rowdy Energy while working at Six+One - a creative agency in New York. My education in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and Intellectual Property Law provides me with a solid understanding of branding, visual identity, social media design, UX design, copyright law, e-commerce, and video marketing. I bring strong narrative skills, an eye for design, and a deep understanding of balancing creativity with strategic goals to the table.

I am always up to date with the latest design and social media trends, and I have a proven track record of success.



Current role

Art Director


As an Art Director at Six+One, my role centers on visual communication, including creating social media content, designing websites, and executing outdoor advertising campaigns. Leveraging my expertise in social media marketing and strategy, I create impactful and results-oriented visual content to help businesses stand out in their industry. During my tenure at Six+One, a creative agency based in New York, I have successfully directed photo and video shoots for clients such as the New York Aquarium, Hydrant, Bronx Zoo, Hippeas, and Rowdy Energy.

2021 - 2023

Graphic Designer

Luxury Lifestyle Awards

As a Graphic Designer at Luxury Lifestyle Awards, I am committed to elevating the recognition of winners through my design skills. I am responsible for crafting award packages that include digital and print certificates, labels, congratulatory letters, and social media posts. In addition, I work closely with the AURA PR agency to develop eye-catching design elements such as newsletters and email banners, further enhancing the award experience.

2018 - 2023

Graphic Designer &

Social Media Strategist


As a freelance professional, I have collaborated with advertising, media agencies, and in-house teams to deliver impactful marketing solutions. My expertise encompasses developing communication strategies, creating digital visual assets, implementing social media and content marketing campaigns, crafting compelling copy, and executing successful influencer marketing initiatives. My diverse portfolio of clients spans across industries such as real estate, entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, and travel.

2019 - 2021

Freelance Art Director

Escape Etoy

In my role as a freelance Art Director, I have successfully created a wide range of marketing materials including business cards, standees, merch, window scapes, vouchers, posters, flyers, email templates, and digital banners. Additionally, I have applied my skills to contribute to the development of escape rooms by creating visually captivating room decor and graphics that enhance the overall experience for players.

2018 - 2020

Social Media Manager


In a remote partnership with Cracow-based agency Harbingers, I utilized my expertise in creating communication strategies, developing creative concepts, and executing comprehensive content plans. I also leveraged my proficiency in social media marketing to create engaging content for various platforms, as well as applied my background in graphic design. During my time at Harbingers, I was able to drive significant results, including the organic growth of a veterinary medical solutions Facebook page, reaching over a million people and building a 30,000-strong engaged community within the first 12 months, as well as a 400% increase in Facebook followers for UNESCO World Heritage's Wieliczka Salt Mine over a two-year period.


Junior Creative

OX Media

As a Junior Creative at OX Media, I was tasked with creating effective communication strategies, developing creative concepts, and content plans. This involved developing innovative concepts for both digital and traditional campaigns, conducting research and analysis through tools such as SentiOne, Brand24, and SoTrender, creating engaging social media content, and producing compelling copy. During my time at OX Media, I was part of the award-nominated team responsible for a groundbreaking communication strategy for a healthcare brand utilizing an innovative gamification system.

2015 - 2017

Social Media Specialist

Beloud Creative Agency

While at Beloud Creative Agency, I played a key role in creating engaging and effective social media content (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for clients across various industries, including e-commerce, retail, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, and music. My responsibilities extended to content marketing, developing creative concepts for both digital and traditional campaigns, writing compelling copy, and creating scenarios for radio commercials.


2018 - 2019

Graphic Design

Tischner European University

branding, visual identity, typography, logo design, print, social media design, poster design, UX design, packaging

2017 - 2018

Digital Marketing

AGH University of Science
and Technology

branding, communication, strategy, facebook ads, copywriting,e-commerce, video marketing, content marketing, employer branding, design thinking, PR, social selling, b2b marketing

2014 - 2017

Intellectual property law

Jagiellonian University

copyright law, trademark law, patent law, advertising law, press law, competition and consumer law


35.000 ---> 180.000 Facebook followers

2 years of cooperation with UNESCO World Heritage “Wieliczka” Salt Mine resulted in a 400% growth of Facebook followers.

1.000.000 organic reach

Within the initial 12 months of launching an educational Facebook page dedicated to veterinary medical solutions, I was able to attain a remarkable 1,000,000 organic reach, receive 75,000 reactions, and establish a highly engaged community of 30,000 followers.

Radio commercial

At the age of 22, I penned my inaugural radio commercial script for a real estate developer, and over the next three years, I widened my portfolio and collaborated with an additional four real estate developers.

Golden Arrow Awards

Throughout my tenure at OX MEDIA, I was a valued member of the team entrusted with a communication strategy that earned a nomination for an award, thanks in part to its innovative gamification system.

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